From: Kalle Sandberg <>
To: <>
Subject: First place

In brief the article says ( a test of ICQ programs for Linux/Unix)

CenterIcq has the highest version number of all four ICQ programs in the test. It takes the victory because of it is so userfriendly and at the same time it has many features and has a clear and nice layout.. It also supports the Yahoo and MSN protocols. (in fact it is the only ICQ prog I have found supporting the MSN protocol). You have support for sound. It is easy to change name of the persons you have in your contactlist. You also have a good helpmenu for shortcommands.

The magazine finds nothing negative in this program. The magazine recoomends the program to people who wants to have a multifunctional ICQ-client in textmode for Linux.

The other progz included in the test were:

Licq 1.04,,,Micq 0.4.8,,,Zicq 0.2.9.

Now I use your program also!!!

Best regards,