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[19.04.01] RedCat Linux :)
[17.04.01] new releases
[15.04.01] Antitrust
[31.03.01] highly recommended song
[26.02.01] I'm a master now
  [22.02.01] new versions
[04.02.01] motor 2.3.1
[03.02.01] Recovering..90% complete
[30.01.01] Brand new news system
[30.01.01] Influenza
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08 Apr 2002 :: Finally, after receiving many requests about examples for ktools, I've put out the refreshen archive of the library. If you don't know, ktools is a text user interface library which is used in centericq, motor and groan. All of the examples reside in the examples/demo... [ more.. ]

15 Jun 2003 :: One more interesting thing was discovered in the process of implementing the help. As soon as I switched the application type setting to package, a strange error message started appearing during the linking phase, saying "The classis application chosen is not inside the package folder tree"... [ more.. ]

25 Apr 2003 :: Here is a quote from the blog of one of centericq users, who found the program in the Debian Linux distribution. Those of you keeping score will notice there are co-ordinates to get in touch with me via IM for all the four big networks: ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN and AIM... [ more.. ]

I'm a master now
16.03.2001 12:06 konst
Yeah, that's nice, except for the fact it's not free anymore..

16.03.2001 12:04 Krzysztof Krzyzaniak
Congratulation ;-)

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