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[26.03.02] black-metal fun
[26.03.02] motor 3.2.2
[19.03.02] cooler and statistics
[19.03.02] aim
[12.03.02] the daemons article
  [12.03.02] all your base
[12.03.02] recent updates
[03.03.02] various developments
[02.03.02] martisori
[26.02.02] Chisinau-2
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26 Mar 2002 :: Nice March weather with sleet, cold and rain encouraged me to release a new version of motor, a console IDE for UNIX. Changes I planned for this release were done quite a long ago, but it couldn't be done earlier because of "bairams" I was regulary invited to every evening during the last week... [ more.. ]

21 Mar 2003 :: After reading the draft of the article a lady who works as editor at the magazine asked me to include more links into the article. Thus, a small research was performed, for I didn't want to give URLs of already popular site as examples, since they're already known well... [ more.. ]

18 Jun 2003 :: Here I would appologize for physiological details, but just after the second beer was open, I had to think about going to the toilet. Since there were a lot of people already in the club, it was possible that by the moment of my return the chair would be occupied by someone else... [ more.. ]

the daemons article
13.03.2002 23:00 Oliver
"argc & argv" neat name for a programmers magazine :) Unfortunately, I don't understand any Russian...would be interresting to read
konst: Yeah, right you are. Would be really nice to translate it indeed (any volunteers? ;). But you can also try to read it translated by BabelFish here. Well, not a perfect translation really, but something at least. Better than nothing, let's say :)

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