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18 Jun 2003 :: The error was of the programmers' favourite type of bugs, a "blinking" one appearing here and there randomly. In such conditions it's impossible to track an exact sequence of actions that cause the program to work improperly and finally the whole OS to hang... [ more.. ]

06 Sep 2002 :: The last summer was marked with a serious desolation of the Internet. A whole bunch of sites with self-educational aims visited from time to time by an average Russian-speaking surfer like me stood still without updates... [ more.. ]

26 Jun 2003 :: Looks like in the sole country where the real communism was said to be built (they officially abandoned money), is a really sad place nowdays. As usual, after heading some info, I proceeded with some questions. You can see my questions in the lines which start with > and Pumpsie's comments below... [ more.. ]

the daemons article
13.03.2002 23:00 Oliver
"argc & argv" neat name for a programmers magazine :) Unfortunately, I don't understand any Russian...would be interresting to read
konst: Yeah, right you are. Would be really nice to translate it indeed (any volunteers? ;). But you can also try to read it translated by BabelFish here. Well, not a perfect translation really, but something at least. Better than nothing, let's say :)

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