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[22.04.02] spring sketchings
[15.04.02] evil
[08.04.02] ktools examples
[04.04.02] irc
[01.04.02] centericq 4.6.9
  [26.03.02] black-metal fun
[26.03.02] motor 3.2.2
[19.03.02] cooler and statistics
[19.03.02] aim
[12.03.02] the daemons article
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04 Apr 2004 :: I was already curious myself, so I went to talk to the next guy. When he answered the same I asked if an opportunity to earn some money interested him at all... [ more.. ]

26 Oct 2003 :: Integrating WebMoney with web is quite a trivial task, though it implies some more work in comparison with PayPal. While the latter has its own page to enter transfer details, here you'll have to create it yourself. Also, initial parameters are set with the help of a web interface from the merchant... [ more.. ]

16 Jul 2002 :: As a proof of the effectivity of the digital photography, the photos section of the site was enriched with several new shots. There are some among them from a party here in Iasi, from the recent trip to Chisinau on 29-30th June, and some scanned photos from Bicaz... [ more.. ]

centericq 4.6.9
02.04.2002 17:25 ASpirit
At the beginning of the article i was believing you ! But "Its documentation says that the OS is the most stable and reliable server system in the world nowdays" with the link of Windows, can't be something true !!! Good joke ;o) ASpirit

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