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26 May 2006 :: After returning to Germany, at a corporate party we discussed the reasons why they don't shit on the grass in public places in Europe and in the US. Everyone agreed that's because in Europe they don't do that, for they know they shouldn't, while in the US they refrain because of prohibitions... [ more.. ]

19 Jun 2003 :: Finally, there is an e-mail that Pumpsie wrote me a week ago. Greetings, Konst. Sorry for the delay. I went to Cambodia for six days on a visa run. Boy, talk about third world! They don't even have ice cream there! (at least, not in Koh Kong).. [ more.. ]

30 Jul 2001 :: Because of DNS problems my site along with the primary e-mail address were down for 10 days. Dunno how many people couldn't download my programs and how many e-mails were bounced. Well, yesterday guys from changed the zone details at last. Great feeling... [ more.. ]

spring sketchings

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