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[02.08.02] an article about Romania
[30.07.02] Canada revealed
[30.07.02] the hot evolution
[16.07.02] heavy stuff
[14.06.02] Nightwish and not only them
  [13.06.02] a trip to Lacu Rosu
[10.06.02] digicam
[31.05.02] Friday the 31st
[28.05.02] news mailing list
[24.05.02] cheers, Slavs!
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11 Jul 2003 :: Now about Timisoara. Since quite a while I wanted to visit the city. They said I would see a neat old houses built during the Austo-Hungarian period, offices furnished in extreme, people shining of prosperity, as well as crowds of jolly students... [ more.. ]

03 Jan 2003 :: The standard of the protocol is described with several base documents plus the set of JEPs (Jabber Enhancement Proposition). The wind is milled minimally in them, mostly they're very informative... [ more.. ]

28 Aug 2002 :: Finally, here in my hands there is the latest album of the "Voltaj" band. Remember the one concert of which we visited at the Black Sea? The album is called "424" and as far as I understand its name represents how many days passed since the preivous CD was released. Whatever... [ more.. ]

Nightwish and not only them

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