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[11.08.02] Marea Neagra
[02.08.02] an article about Romania
[30.07.02] Canada revealed
[30.07.02] the hot evolution
[16.07.02] heavy stuff
  [14.06.02] Nightwish and not only them
[13.06.02] a trip to Lacu Rosu
[10.06.02] digicam
[31.05.02] Friday the 31st
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24 May 2003 :: Of course, it's kinda rude of him to say so. In order to check it I decided to use the google, and found 483 mentionings on various sites. So probably it was so. The fact itself it very interesting. I didn't hear he used to say something like that... [ more.. ]

22 Feb 2001 :: Oops, it seems like I've forgotten to write here about new releases of motor and centericq. I made them on a day before yesterday. Just for you to know. Also, there is a logo for programs made with motor. You can pick it at the motor homepage... [ more.. ]

18 Jun 2003 :: Here I would appologize for physiological details, but just after the second beer was open, I had to think about going to the toilet. Since there were a lot of people already in the club, it was possible that by the moment of my return the chair would be occupied by someone else... [ more.. ]

heavy stuff
08.10.2002 20:10 Otávia
youre a funny guy ..I really liked your webpage .. even though I dont know how I ended up here. I really like romanian , did you have much trouble to learn it ?why did you move to Romania anyways ? Ah Im startin' to ask too many personal questions ..Sorry I cant help it ..anyways .see ya
konst: Glad you enjoyed my site, lady. Actually you can find answers to all of these questions in these notes ;) I wrote all about it.

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