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[01.12.02] taste our balls
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[12.11.02] Chisinau and its residents
[12.11.02] a major site update
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04 Apr 2004 :: During one of the evenings we had nothing to do, so we want to the park next to the dock. Tired of the whole day of walking and moving from one place to another, we found several karaoke places. I'm sure I wouldn't take a challenge of singing there unless I consume quite an amount of alcohol... [ more.. ]

15 Apr 2001 :: Yesterday my friends and I went to the cinema to watch it. The only thing is that I still don't know who of them was Miguel de Icaza. As to other stuff, I wouldn't mind working in such conditions as NURV employees did... [ more.. ]

08 Apr 2002 :: Finally, after receiving many requests about examples for ktools, I've put out the refreshen archive of the library. If you don't know, ktools is a text user interface library which is used in centericq, motor and groan. All of the examples reside in the examples/demo... [ more.. ]

funny pictures
03.11.2002 18:53 elda
esti ciudat omule dar imi place de tine:)))si de ciudatenia ta.doar ca amic sa ma intelegi.:)))).sper sa nu fii suparat pe mine.elda

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