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[01.12.02] taste our balls
[28.11.02] the harm of charity
[12.11.02] Chisinau and its residents
[12.11.02] a major site update
[19.10.02] funny pictures
  [18.10.02] digicam-2
[12.10.02] Bucharest sketchings
[11.10.02] the next move
[09.10.02] through the Dracula's places
[06.09.02] information shortage
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09 Oct 2002 :: Finally, my dear readers, I got around to updating you with some news. I cannot tell you how many times during these three weeks I thought maybe I should run a text editor and voila! a new note would be ready... [ more.. ]

26 May 2006 :: Urban phenomena that confounded me in the US, was the neighbourhoods. In Europe, no matter - East or West, from a neighbourhood with decent people one has to go a long way to get to a bad district... [ more.. ]

01 Sep 2001 :: Yesterday night I returned from Romania. I went there for two days to see the office of my future employer, WebSci Inc. I also wanted to take a look at the city and life conditions there. Frankly speaking, I had never been to Romania before thus hadn't know what to expect to see there... [ more.. ]

funny pictures
03.11.2002 18:53 elda
esti ciudat omule dar imi place de tine:)))si de ciudatenia ta.doar ca amic sa ma intelegi.:)))).sper sa nu fii suparat pe mine.elda

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