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03 Aug 2004 :: In the evening I found out that in the same train, exactly behind my back another invited person from Bucharest was sitting. On the party she sat next to me. When I asked her when she came to Galati, she told she had already had a chance to hear me speak Russian all the way... [ more.. ]

26 Mar 2002 :: Knowing that I like heavy music in general and black-metal particulary a good friend of mine has forwarded me a funny story about it. It's in Russian, so if you speak it, follow this link... [ more.. ]

10 May 2001 :: I don't work for the NIX solutions company anymore. Decided to have a rest and pay some attention to finishing the university... [ more.. ]

Chisinau and its residents
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21.11.2002 19:16 Otбvia ( the girl from ICQ)
I liked the passport comments .. Cool down ,its not like you have an afghan or iraqi passport lol ok no offense to any of these people , im just making fun of the .. absolutely absurd and stupid situation the worldґs been through lately youre funny

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