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[03.01.03] the misterious Jabber creature
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[01.12.02] taste our balls
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[12.11.02] Chisinau and its residents
  [12.11.02] a major site update
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[18.10.02] digicam-2
[12.10.02] Bucharest sketchings
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27 Dec 2001 :: New Year and Christmas holidays can last more if places for their celebration are chosen correctly. Nope, I don't propose to follow the Sun and move through all the time zones starting from the New Zealand. It can be done even easier... [ more.. ]

19 Mar 2002 :: The program is growing and collecting more and more features. Now centericq has also got support for the AIM protocol. In my previous note I must had outlined it more exact that all the problems with open source implementation were related to the AIM OSCAR protocol... [ more.. ]

03 Jun 2004 :: I hadn't thought about this thing before, or maybe just didn't notice it. Despite the fact that the Russian language has no official status in the Republic of Moldova, in Chisinau you can see everything translated into it... [ more.. ]

Chisinau and its residents
01.03.2010 12:40 создание сайтов
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21.11.2002 19:16 Otбvia ( the girl from ICQ)
I liked the passport comments .. Cool down ,its not like you have an afghan or iraqi passport lol ok no offense to any of these people , im just making fun of the .. absolutely absurd and stupid situation the worldґs been through lately youre funny

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