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26 May 2006 :: For the ride we were given a buggy, a horse and an old fellow, who didn't even look like an Amish. He was dressed in a brown jacket and a cap with ear-flaps. First he asked where we are from and then started telling about the Amish. Usually I don't have any problem understanding Americans speak... [ more.. ]

30 Jan 2001 :: I couldn't help programming today even despite of my illness. So, I've wrote pechkin - a template-driven news system in C++ that allows users to add comments. Administrator can add news items, etc. And it doesn't require any RDBMS! It's all organized into directories and files... [ more.. ]

28 Oct 2001 :: While the summer along with the autumn goes away and it's getting colder, every kind of activities slows down. Adding news to sites is not an exception. Romanians still haven't turned heating in my block on (batteries are just a little warm right now), so I write this with rather cold fingers... [ more.. ]

RedCat Linux :)
29.04.2001 05:31 Steve ICQ 60321565
That's a very friendly pussy :) So what is RedCat Linux? Is it a project of yours or just an idea?

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