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[25.04.03] East European Easter
[24.03.03] Kharkov news
[22.03.03] Transilvanian realities
[21.03.03] Iasi-Chisinau operation IV
[21.03.03] blogs and Iraq
  [03.01.03] the misterious Jabber creature
[30.12.02] global worlds
[01.12.02] taste our balls
[28.11.02] the harm of charity
[12.11.02] Chisinau and its residents
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19 Mar 2002 :: What does a cooler have to do with it? - you'll ask. Probably hot Romanian spring sun doesn't make anything good to me? Like climate change or something.. So I need any kind of cooling in quite a bizarre way, with a help of a CPU cooler fan? Nope, my friends, that's all about something else... [ more.. ]

15 Jun 2003 :: In order to understand how the GUI applications for Mac are made, it's be enough just to read some docs about the PowerPlant library and to take a look at several examples. In comparison with MFC there will be a need for more manual coding... [ more.. ]

07 Oct 2001 :: Ok.. What can I tell you, my dear site visitors? :) The life is going on. Yesterday I was at an outdoors party, today in the morning at a hospital. Hey, everything is much better than you though after reading the previous sentence... [ more.. ]

blogs and Iraq
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24.04.2003 20:26 Otávia Monaco
That was absolutely brilliant. "I thought that the lesson learned by humankind from the masacre consists in idea that violent ways of solving conflicts between governments are no longer valid.".. -------- awesome !!!!!!!!!! And Im gonna check that blog.It was a great idea to put it here.

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