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[19.04.01] RedCat Linux :)
[17.04.01] new releases
[15.04.01] Antitrust
[31.03.01] highly recommended song
[26.02.01] I'm a master now
  [22.02.01] new versions
[04.02.01] motor 2.3.1
[03.02.01] Recovering..90% complete
[30.01.01] Brand new news system
[30.01.01] Influenza
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20 Jun 2001 :: Tomorrow I gonna have what my American friend calls bacalaureate. Here, when you have your thesis done you stand in front of the goverment comission and tell about it. After you're asked questions about the subject of the research. Depending on how good your answers are they rate your work. Well... [ more.. ]

16 Jul 2003 :: Next, there is a popular news-paper in Romania, called "Libertatea" (Liberty), quite a "yellow" one, but popular mainly due to this very feature. I don't read it here, but its reprints at sometimes make me feel amused. Good they're published only in the site's "yellow" section... [ more.. ]

13 Jun 2002 :: Well, because of all of the happiness caused by the digicam, I've totally forgotten to write about the trip to the mountains. A whole week has passed, and intresting things there, yep, did happen. We were in Lacu Rosu, a little tourist place in the Carpathians... [ more.. ]

Brand new news system
28.09.2003 10:46 'q

07.04.2001 19:00 Dejan Lekic
Konstantin, is pechkin OpenSource? If it is than where I can find it to download? Dejan

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