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04 May 2006 :: In the rest of my notes I wrote about two trips: to the nearby New Jersey, and to Pennsylvania, which is a bit further from New York. In Pennsylvania, there is a town called Intercourse. During our whole stay there we laughed at its name just like Beavis and Butt-head would do... [ more.. ]

24 Nov 2003 :: The idea of free software got so common that some people started mixing up who owes what and to whom. I can quite agree that a user is free not to feel any obligations toward a programmer who wrote some application. But I have never heard that a free software developer would ever be obliged... [ more.. ]

30 Jul 2001 :: Because of DNS problems my site along with the primary e-mail address were down for 10 days. Dunno how many people couldn't download my programs and how many e-mails were bounced. Well, yesterday guys from changed the zone details at last. Great feeling... [ more.. ]

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