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12 Oct 2001 :: Several days ago, as planned, I found a teacher of Romanian. As to me, it's awful to loose an opportunity to learn something new, since I find Knowledge the main motive force for myself. The more so, that living in the language environment, it's pretty easy to learn a language... [ more.. ]

07 Oct 2001 :: Ok.. What can I tell you, my dear site visitors? :) The life is going on. Yesterday I was at an outdoors party, today in the morning at a hospital. Hey, everything is much better than you though after reading the previous sentence... [ more.. ]

26 Feb 2002 :: Another report about our trip to Chisinau has been put out... [ more.. ]

Iasi-Chisinau operation IV
31.03.2003 13:23 Ella
Dear konst (What is your actual name???) I entered your site by accident (wrong google – feel Lucy search) few days ago and since then I have entered your site every day !!! (The view of Iasi from your window is on my desktop) I was born in the lovely town Iasi and since my parents (with me included) left Romania (to Israel) I travel to Iasi each time I have a vacation. I could go anywhere I chose but I always have the feeling that is some part of me is left in Romania, and I thing (and feel) it every single day, even that my life is nice as it is and (probably) better than it could be in Romania… It is nice to get news and photos from Romania and Iasi in particular, Keep on with the good job ! Thank you! Ella
konst: Hello, Ella. Well, my real name is Konstantin (short Konst), you can see it everywhere on the site. I'm glad to hear such warm words about the job I do here with the site, thank you for feedback very much. So sholom :) and ma nishma? I have the same feeling about Israel, for I liked the country when I was visiting it on the New Year in 2001. As to the life, it can be nice anywhere, though it depends on what things you consider important. I feel happy travelling and living in various places new to me, finding out something new and probably sharing my new knowledge with others. That's how this site was born and how the photos section appeared, etc. From the recent notes you could have found out that I don't live in Iasi anymore, for I moved to another region, to Maramures which is near the border with Hungary. So you can now enjoy various views from this nice area with mountains and stuff. Actually I still have got photos that were made in Iasi but have been never published on the site. Especially for you I'll try to fix the situation soon by putting them online. So stay tuned :) and naeme meode.

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