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[18.06.03] summer nights
[15.06.03] Mac week
[24.05.03] conspiracy and mirror
[22.05.03] travel to Lviv
[25.04.03] East European Easter
  [24.03.03] Kharkov news
[22.03.03] Transilvanian realities
[21.03.03] Iasi-Chisinau operation IV
[21.03.03] blogs and Iraq
[03.01.03] the misterious Jabber creature
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08 Apr 2002 :: Finally, after receiving many requests about examples for ktools, I've put out the refreshen archive of the library. If you don't know, ktools is a text user interface library which is used in centericq, motor and groan. All of the examples reside in the examples/demo... [ more.. ]

11 Jan 2006 :: This morning, when we left the hotel, we found our truck, which spent the night peacefully in its parking slot, scratched. The scratch crossed the both doors and the fender and it was likely to be made with a key. Having in mind, that re-painting it could cost us some money, we got upset... [ more.. ]

19 Oct 2002 :: Here you are. The photos taken during the trip to Brasov have been put out to the photohunt section. Here you can take a look at the interior of the Bran and Peles castles... [ more.. ]

East European Easter
26.04.2003 18:07 otávia
.. birthday on easter ? like .. today ?(april26th?) Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!! I do hope you have a nice trip, and have a lot of fun , get a lot of pics and have nice stories to tell for when you come back( to entertain me , im so f** selfish I like this one here too , I just wanna tell you something about a statement of yours ... "So we'll leave the stereotypes to housewives".. well in here you are stereotyping housewives:)I just thought I should mention it .. and you will probably argue that , but ... that wont work , Konst :) LOL And the pictures ..I loved them .Problem is that now I think I really should leave my country.

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