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[19.06.03] Mr. Pumpsie Hobergoffer
[18.06.03] summer nights
[15.06.03] Mac week
[24.05.03] conspiracy and mirror
[22.05.03] travel to Lviv
  [25.04.03] East European Easter
[24.03.03] Kharkov news
[22.03.03] Transilvanian realities
[21.03.03] Iasi-Chisinau operation IV
[21.03.03] blogs and Iraq
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29 Sep 2001 :: Mixing several sorts of finest Moldovan wines appeared to be not only a bad manner. It's also not good for health. Tried this yesterday I felt unwell today in the morning.. But ok. I'd like to tell about new impressions I got. Today for the first time in my life I used a washing machine... [ more.. ]

03 Feb 2001 :: Despite of my being quite active these sick days, now I'm happy to feel better. It's so snowy outside today and I look forward to going for a walk. Well, tomorrow, maybe.... [ more.. ]

28 Nov 2002 :: Usually I don't write about the cinema. First of all, because once one or another "fresh meat" by Hollywood is released, there appear a lot of articles and reviews written by a whole army of reviewers... [ more.. ]

travel to Lviv
13.06.2010 21:03 pete m
thankyou konst for your blog and taking the time to post your observations in english.
i came across your site while researching a possible trip between Lvov and Romania . .( possibly to Rakhiv n then on. . )
and while taking a break from work in progress . .
best wishes

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