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[26.09.03] rainy news
[20.09.03] new move details
[16.07.03] TV passions
[11.07.03] the cradle of Romanian Revolution
[26.06.03] Pumpsie on Cambodia
  [20.06.03] the konst
[19.06.03] Mr. Pumpsie Hobergoffer
[18.06.03] summer nights
[15.06.03] Mac week
[24.05.03] conspiracy and mirror
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20 Dec 2003 :: The company turned out to be really wonderful. Even magic. Among proposed products there were remedies for all main illnesses of our cruel modernity... [ more.. ]

27 Dec 2004 :: Due to the problems described above I finally got my home computer up and running after two weeks since the arrival. Paper stuff, first-time arragements and the new job wouldn't let me address the new hardware buying issue too fast. Nevertheless, I pulled myself together and went shopping... [ more.. ]

08 Oct 2003 :: Those of you who like porno photography, first of all can consider taking a look at several new albums. In the terms of the process of taking pics this one was the most interesting for me. There are the interior and the goods from the new "Carrefour" superstore... [ more.. ]

Pumpsie on Cambodia
26.06.2003 16:18 Gheorghe
Cine dracu` mai e si obsedatul asta sexual? Excursiile lui in "lumea a III-a" (imi face rau aceasta expresie) in cautare de prostituate ieftine?? Cica viziteaza zona prostituatelor in interes "stiintific" (traducerea e aproximativa), te umfla rasul cati ratati pe lumea asta! Doamne, curata lumea asta de prosti, cu cat mai putini, cu atat mai bine!

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