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TV passions
17.10.2004 03:06 Cristian
When you are sober (even a "russky" has to be sober from time to time) do you realize that there are better thinks to make "fun" of than romanians? How about lack of (any) faith? uncertainity about future? You know, there is a Romanian saying "sa moara si capra vecinului" that describes exactly your faded spirits. I am going to conclude that there are no russian TV shows at all for your "refined" taste to criticize. The humour of a nation is not quite your area of expertise, or, for the same, nor sociological analisys. At best (or worst, I don't know which is in your case), you should stick to pickin' on your own kind, ..err, nationality.

Zoon Polytikon, that's what this is.
konst: Try actually reading the article.

17.06.2004 09:22 Victoria Sova
You're so wrong, poor of you! My last name is not Ukrainian, neither Russian, neither Slavic at all. It's a simple Romanian name. Don't be so sure any more concerning it. You're totally wrong! I am Romanian and my name is Romanian too. You don't have to tell anybody that my name (which is NOT Slavic) means "owl", because it doesn't! Actually, it's pronounced [shova] (stressing [o] and not [a]), but you didn't realise that, so I don't blame you for that. I can see you keep thinking in Russian, although you're not in Russia any more. Wake up! You are in Romania! Stop thinking in Russian, because it doesn't help you. You are among Romanian people, so try to change your way of thinking. Best wishes, Victoria.
konst: I'm not in Russia, so I should change my way of thinking.. My God, it's awesome! :) Should I also change what my passport and the birth certificate say? What about lastname? Would Porumbescu be good? My God, you're my idol.. :)) Vica, I love you.

07.06.2004 10:02 Victoria Sova
Hello, Konst! Actually, I didn't expect your answer so quickly. Sorry for not seeing in time your "about" link, I saw it after I've sent my comment. You don't mind, do you? First of all, don't call me "my girl". I'm not a girl, I am a married woman and I am much elder than you. Besides, I signed Victoria -- so, why do you call me Vica? Did I say you may call me Vica and I forgot that? Anyway... I forgive you these faults. Now, I admit you didn't say you didn't like the show, if you admit you wanted to make a kind of obscene joke. You said yourself behind your "about" link you like obscene jokes. Humour, joke? Of course these words sound familiar to me -- I watch "Faultfinders'Chronicle" every week. I admit that name sounded comic and funny to you in your Russian, but nobody cares. Best regards, Victoria.
konst: Speaking of "my girl", I said so because you reacted so emotional as you were or my age or even younger. Anyway, admit you're under 30. My guess would be 27, which doesn't make a very big difference with me ;) I also guess you come from a place where a short for Victoria is Vica ;) My apologize if that hurt you, though I don't see any major reason for that.

Logically, I doubt that translating a name that means something obscene can be considered an obscene action. The same way you can blame the guy for he has an obscene name ;) Actually, I'm pretty sure where your irritated tone comes from. I promise that if one day you become a famous TV show hostess, I won't tell anybody that you have a Slavic last name (probably, Ukrainian) which means "owl" ;)

06.06.2004 10:07 Victoria Sova
Hello, Konst! I don't know your real name, so I will name you as your web page name (of course if you don't mind). My name is Victoria and I am from Romania, more exactly from Bacau. I've read your "TV passions" in English and in Russian (by the way, I speak Russian too, but because I can't write in Russian on my computer, I do it in English). And I wanted to write this comment to you because I find you are not right from a certain point of view. Let't deal directly with the subject. Don't you like our faultfinders Serban Huidu and Misu Gainusa? Don't you have fun watching their chronicle? I can assure you that most of Romanian people love them and their TV show amd it is expected Wednesday by Wednesday. Did you know that their "Faultfinders' Chronicle" was the best humour TV show during 2002 and 2003? And I am sure it will be the same during this year, 2004. They are beloved here, in Romania. On the other hand, I know very well what the first part of Huidu's name means in Russian (as I said, I speak Russian too), so what? He is Romanian, we are Romanians! Nobody cares what it means in Russian! And do you want to know why? Because generally speaking, Romanian people dont't speak Russian. Russian is not among the foreign languages we use to learn and speak (we speak currently other languages -- English, French, Italian, Spanish) and Romanian people don't think in Russian. Here in Romania there is only a few Russian speakers (accidentally,I am among them), so nobody cares what Huidu means in Russian. Of course, Serban Huidu has no plans to work in the former USSR, why should he? He has a successful TV show here in Romania and he has lots of fans who sincerely love him. I am among his fans and I adore their "Faultfinders' Chronicle". And this is the opinion of most of Romanians about him and his chronicle. That's all and I hope you understand what I mean by this message. You don't have to be more faultfinder than him. And I also hope you don't mind about this message. It's just an opinion. You wanted a comment? This is my comment. Bye and best regards, Victoria.
konst: Vica, my girl, my full name is just behind the "about" link on the top of this page. Now please, tell me where I said that I didn't like the show. Did I ever mention that that the fact that Huidu's name means something in Russian is bad? That just sounded comic to me, for it meant a funny thing in Russian. Humour, joke.. Do these words sound familiar to you?

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