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[04.04.04] gawk's notes on Crimea
[20.12.03] New Year toast
[24.11.03] negatives, positives and landscapes
[26.10.03] payment systems akbar
[23.10.03] referendum dot ro
  [08.10.03] a small whatsnew
[26.09.03] rainy news
[20.09.03] new move details
[16.07.03] TV passions
[11.07.03] the cradle of Romanian Revolution
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30 Dec 2002 :: But besides Christmas, these days Romania is remembering its Revolution heroes. When they say "revolution" here, they mean the events of 1989 that resulted into the gloomy dictator Ceausescu being shot on the 25th December. He was ruling the country for 24 years after he came to power in 1965... [ more.. ]

23 Dec 2001 :: As an attentive and frequent visitor could notice, the site design has been changed a little bit. Instead of three years old portraits of mine, now in the upper right corner you can see various gothic graves and monuments. Well, why not? Memento mori.... [ more.. ]

22 May 2003 :: To my great pity, my friends are believers, so they refused to drink to my coming, because the next day it was the Easter. Moreover, they even didn't eat anything. That's why I had to fill my stomack alone. After that I went to bed... [ more.. ]

referendum dot ro

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