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[03.06.04] spring in Moldova
[04.04.04] gawk's notes on Crimea
[20.12.03] New Year toast
[24.11.03] negatives, positives and landscapes
[26.10.03] payment systems akbar
  [23.10.03] referendum dot ro
[08.10.03] a small whatsnew
[26.09.03] rainy news
[20.09.03] new move details
[16.07.03] TV passions
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06 Sep 2002 :: The last summer was marked with a serious desolation of the Internet. A whole bunch of sites with self-educational aims visited from time to time by an average Russian-speaking surfer like me stood still without updates... [ more.. ]

04 May 2006 :: Security check at the San Francisco airport for the flight to New York includes mandatory taking off the shoes, which along with the rest of luggage are passed through the x-ray... [ more.. ]

07 Oct 2001 :: Ok.. What can I tell you, my dear site visitors? :) The life is going on. Yesterday I was at an outdoors party, today in the morning at a hospital. Hey, everything is much better than you though after reading the previous sentence... [ more.. ]

payment systems akbar
26.08.2008 23:59 ee
i am having a hard time figuring out how to fund the account, since the interface jumps into Russian half of the time.

13.04.2005 03:43 spencer william
pls i just want 2 see an example of paypal payment , how it look like

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