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[03.06.04] spring in Moldova
[04.04.04] gawk's notes on Crimea
[20.12.03] New Year toast
[24.11.03] negatives, positives and landscapes
[26.10.03] payment systems akbar
  [23.10.03] referendum dot ro
[08.10.03] a small whatsnew
[26.09.03] rainy news
[20.09.03] new move details
[16.07.03] TV passions
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02 Mar 2002 :: Finally. February has come to end, and the spring began. By the way, February in Ukrainian is "lyutyi", which can be translated directly as "fierce". Besides, yesterday spring began only formally, for in our part of the Globe there were no real frost since the middle of January... [ more.. ]

07 Oct 2001 :: At last I released new 4.0.0 version of centericq. It contains a lot of new features including invisible list, contact groups and white pages search. So hurry up to download it right now :).. [ more.. ]

03 Jun 2004 :: The second guy who presented "Kaspersky" that day was in a cage. He was dressed like King-Kong and had his face painted. Next to him there were many motherboards and other hardware that he was beating with all his might. On the cage there was an inscription saying "Beware! A dangerous virus"... [ more.. ]

payment systems akbar
26.08.2008 23:59 ee
i am having a hard time figuring out how to fund the account, since the interface jumps into Russian half of the time.

13.04.2005 03:43 spencer william
pls i just want 2 see an example of paypal payment , how it look like

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