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26 Oct 2003 :: With the help of the two described solutions it's possible to manage pursues, e.g. create and remove them, transfer funds, send and accept invoices. I know nothing about Keeper, but WM Keeper Light is quite a simple to use thingie... [ more.. ]

28 May 2002 :: Oh, and by the way, if someone is interested to receive all the stuff I write here with e-mail, it's quite possible to subscribe. You don't even have to go to the post office, to stand in a tail trembling and drying the sweating forehead with torn socks... [ more.. ]

30 Jul 2001 :: Because of DNS problems my site along with the primary e-mail address were down for 10 days. Dunno how many people couldn't download my programs and how many e-mails were bounced. Well, yesterday guys from changed the zone details at last. Great feeling... [ more.. ]

negatives, positives and landscapes
06.03.2004 02:14 Drew
To cut to the meat of the question - I am curious where the question of binary size is touched on in the readme or FAQ - unless I am looking for the wrong thing here... In other news I find centericq an indispensable tool that I am glad you had the thought to create.

08.12.2003 15:50 mitchy
Regarding the whiny ex-user that was offended with your response, I'd like to point out something that seems to happen over and over again... Your response was: Is it normal that you haven't read the FAQ? Now there's two kinds of people that could read that, with two different responses. The first is someone who normally speaks another language. Their natural response is to do a literal translation of the statement, without any other expectations of the meaning. In effect, what you wrote is what you meant. The second is someone who speaks English as their mother tongue (and as such probably only knows English). This person automatically reads the text, and then attempts to derive emphasis or subcontext from the message. This is where the problem lies, as this person incorrectly assumes that you are making some sort of insult. I am American, but speak several languages, lived in Europe for three years (and visited your beautiful country BTW); and so I see this happening and try to help stop it. But unfortunately there are many people who just don't get the whole "Inter" of Internet, and are offended when they see webpages that aren't in English... So not only do you need to worry about ignorant users with unreasonable demands, but ones that also accuse you of saying things that you never said. *sigh* I don't even know how I got to your site, as I don't use icq - but I appreciate your efforts and contributions. Thanks, and keep p the great work. And don't let the zombies and leeches get you down, they exist outside of Open Source as well... Just come to Manhattan and you'll see what I mean ;^P

First of all, let me thank you for your comment. It's a rare pleasure to get such explanatory replies on my postings here. Sure, native speakers of English can feel offended by phrases that can be understood like having some hidden isults. I also know my English isn't perfect. The answer was a bit harsh, I know, but I did it intentionally to let him know I'm sick and tired of such questions, so much that I especially made the FAQ file and included it to the distribution package. The guy I told about was from Hungary, so he hardly could feel offended because of some subtle things of English. So I do think it's about the you-owe-me-because-I-use-your-program attitude, which sucks.

It's also a rare pleasure to meet an American who speaks several languages. There is a thing I didn't understand though. By saying "your country" which one did you mean? Ethnically I'm Russian, was born and lived in Ukraine and now I'm in Romania. So there are three options :) Being offended by sites in other languages is really stupid, I must say. In my humble opinion, such things can be stopped only by additional studies about the "external world". I know your country has such a problem and many people don't understand what those other countries are and where they are located. I especially liked a joke on this topic in the "Home alone" movie where one of the two bandits said: .. and then we'll leave for another country. Like Arizona? - the second one asked.

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