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[30.06.01] centericq 3.34.15
[22.06.01] excellent thesis
[20.06.01] BS tomorrow
[05.06.01] new article
[15.05.01] upgrade
  [15.05.01] releases
[10.05.01] job affairs
[09.05.01] new hosting
[19.04.01] RedCat Linux :)
[17.04.01] new releases
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30 Dec 2002 :: But besides Christmas, these days Romania is remembering its Revolution heroes. When they say "revolution" here, they mean the events of 1989 that resulted into the gloomy dictator Ceausescu being shot on the 25th December. He was ruling the country for 24 years after he came to power in 1965... [ more.. ]

04 Apr 2002 :: Well, there are some news for today. Let's start with centericq. Today is the third day since the IRC protocol support implementation started. And there is a visible progress. The CVS repository contains the changes that can be easily checked out with the cicqsync script... [ more.. ]

05 Nov 2001 :: Sorry to start with the weather again, but the point is that there is definitely something wierd happening. Exactly a week ago, on the last week-end I was cold. And this week has been pretty warm. Well, "warm" is not the word to describe it, because during several days it was +25C... [ more.. ]

26.06.2001 17:38 Stephane Boisjoli
Heh, and here I'm thinking the miserable 128 megs this machine has is way too little... Then again, it's running Gnome, Netscape 4.7x, Mozilla 0.9.1 ... they really chow down on memory. Doesnt' help that 256 megs of SDRAM is super cheap so the boss just ordered a chunk of them...

31.05.2001 21:35 Michi
Well, I did the same thing last week. I had 64 MB before and bought a 64 MB DIMM. In fact I didn't see any greater speed improvements because I (yet) don't have KDE 2 ;-)

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