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22 May 2003 :: As to me, I don't have a personal experience of communication with Hungarians, so it's difficult for me to comment something here. Nevertheless, Hungary made a very good impression on me. Also, people were very communicative and nice... [ more.. ]

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Herr Klyagin vs. domnul Klyagin
11.02.2009 01:30 JDKonst
I'm gonna go out on a limb here. Chances of coming across a long lost relative is most likely slim to none. My name is John Konst. I was born in Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada. My Father, Jan Petrus Konst was born in North Holland, 1928. My Granfather's name was Anne Andries Konst, born in Friesland, Netherlands 1903. Our family was traced back as far as 1856, then it's lost. Another last name in our family is Vogelzang. Anyone have any info, it would sure be helpful. Thanx.

01.02.2009 05:15 Kristy Konst
My Husbands last name is Konst. His Father is Robert, Grand father Arnold Josepf Konst & Great Grand Father Is Joseph Arnold Konst. We are from the cleveland area in Ohio.

05.03.2007 14:30 daniel alexoiu
Frumoasa relatare. :)

04.06.2006 18:42 john konst
chelsea konst where in Cleveland?

10.04.2006 18:11 chelsea konst
i don't even know what this forum thing is about but to the guy (richard c konst sr.) i think my family is related to you. we live in cleveland, my dad is 50- his name richard his father harold. konst is a german name...originating from germany

14.12.2005 03:02 Goatboy
Interesting read, Konst. I'll add my own boring computer shipping horror story: I moved to Australia from England a few years ago now, and we were told that our belongings would be shipped in about six weeks. Six weeks is quite a long time to be without your computer, furniture, everything. Eventually our stuff arrived, but six months late. Supposedly it'd been loaded onto the wrong cargo ship, and seperated in Chile. A scary prospect, I consider myself to be lucky that it ever arrived at all. But seven and a half months without your stuff can be quite horrible :).

20.04.2005 22:14 Calin Culianu
I enjoyed reading your move stories. I am quite impressed with the company you work for now, in terms of how they are treating you. You say you have flexible work hours (something that makes a lot of sense for programmers who work mostly with machines!) and that they took care of finding you an apartment, etc.

I personally wish I could also move to Germany to work (I am also a programmer). I live in the States now and it sucks here for many reasons. It has gotten worse since Bush became president!! Anyway good luck to you in your travels and I look up to you to some degree for having the ambition and courage to travel the world and move to different cities as you have.

18.03.2005 07:12 Richard C Konst Sr.
Thank-You for writting back to me and letting me know that Konst is part of your first name. My Grand father came from Transsilivania and his line is traced back to 1635. I just thought since you used the name Konst it was your last name. Thank-You again for writing me back. Have a Great Day!

05.03.2005 00:21 Alex Koval
Hi Konst!

I would like to thank you for your time which you spend writing so long stories, which are both interesting and fun to read. I am living in Kharkov and its always interesting to see how people live everywhere, and you express your daily life experience so well that it fits my mind natural way..

Btw, we also once ordered books from DHL... Huh. I have never used this company again. Because: they have sent it wrong direction, and instead super-fast delivery which we paid for (3 days from London to Ukraine due to a big need in technical knowelerge very urgent) books were delivered in 3 months. But they were delivered to Kharkov and DHL did not organized import taxes paid, and we paid 300USD for books in Amazon, and 300USD incoming Ukrainian taxes for books (plus spent 2 days staying in line of people). So I hate DHL very, very much... And I see such stories happen to people again and again. This is general rule. Corporate world makes the general rule of ignoring end customers. I have a plenty of examples: GoDaddy, Yahoo, Network Solutions / Internic, UMC and some other companies made my life difficult in some points, and sometimes there are no way how we can fix this.
Nice article about this here:

I wish you great new feature in Germany. I've been there once, and in fact I had really big cultural shock, after all-life living in Kharkov, seeing Poland and then Germany was a so big shock. Things there were so different that I still think its absolutely different countries. The biggest difference between countries I find is the difference in how things done. At Germany people did many things looking at others experience. Here, almost everybody do the own jobs based only on own experience. Results are worse because if you learn on other mistakes and success you get better results.

Very nice room, btw :) Nice place to live.

Looking forward for reading more life stories from you.


Alex V. Koval

07.02.2005 05:15 Richard C Konst Sr.
Hello: my name is Richard konst and my Grand Father's name was Joseph Konst and my fathers name was Arnold Joseph konst I was wondering if you are any relation to me as I do know that I meet a relation one day on ICQ and he said he was related to me and that I had relations out in Nebraska. If your family came from Cleveland Ohio then you are probably related to me. If so I do hope to hear from you as I'm 60 years old and alot of the Konst Family is dying out. And when I was younger never thought about having family I never seen but now I do since I'm Older. Wpould like to hear from you one way or another if you are related or not. Thank-You. Richard Konst
konst: Hello, Richard. Sorry for a late answer. Well, Konst comes from my first name. It's Konstantin, thus just to make it shorter, I use the first 5 letters. As a lastname, Konst might originate from Sweden where it means "art", I guess.

24.01.2005 17:21 John
I know all too well about the shipping of computers. I live in the U.S. and had a machine shipped from one side of the continent to the other during a move. Having had some inkling of the fact I couldn't trust them with the hardware, I made sure to carefully overpack the machine and make sure it would be well-protected.

It didn't help. When I received the machine I found all of the drives in the bottom of the case (I'd personally tightened all eight screws on each drive as far as I could with an electric screwdriver) and the screw points totally stripped out. The RAM had been torn out of the machine, the CPU knocked out of its socket, and the case warped beyond recognition.

It was pretty apparent they'd dropped it from the equivelent height of twenty feet a few hundred times. Ah well, live and learn-- thank heavens for insurance!

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