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[26.05.06] America-2005: Conclusions
[26.05.06] America-2005: New Jersey, Amish and museums
[04.05.06] America-2005: New York City
[11.01.06] America-2005: California
[27.12.04] Herr Klyagin vs. domnul Klyagin
  [03.08.04] Danube tales
[03.06.04] spring in Moldova
[04.04.04] gawk's notes on Crimea
[20.12.03] New Year toast
[24.11.03] negatives, positives and landscapes
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20 Aug 2002 :: Several days ago, before going to bed I was reading a book by Lev Novozhenov "Anthology of satire and humour in Russia of the XX century" which I bought in Kharkov before leaving... [ more.. ]

30 Jan 2001 :: Finally, influenza got to my place. Waken up with a high temperature I had to stay at home. Wanna recover asap... I can hardly think :(.. [ more.. ]

20 Jun 2003 :: P.S.: Not visiting new places during a long period of time can make you look just like the guy from the photo sent from Luxembourg to me by a university mate of mine... [ more.. ]

America-2005: Conclusions
28.09.2012 11:32 pavlod
You're alive not your. Ah ! LOL

28.09.2012 11:30 pavlod
You said : "..the reasons why they don't shit on the grass in public places in Europe and..." Not in France my friend. Come and see all the dog shits laying around there in my town. Disgusting :-(- Lot of people don't take their shit back... Spreading shit around, seems a rightful mean to show your alive. LOL.

05.04.2011 18:01 Goblin
USA is going to die soon.
and here:

04.03.2010 15:58 irina
i love-love-love your site.i am from kharkov, have been living in the USA for almost 10 yrs now.have very anbiguous feelings about the decision to move and about the country and the people .it is very different, indeed.

23.10.2009 18:05 Schonard Tedesco
You have been placing unsolicited calls to this cell phone: 304-433-4770. PLEASE STOP THESE CALLS IMMEDIATELY or you will be prosecuted. This is the only notice you will receive.

27.10.2008 02:01 Scott P
You mention that all places to vacation in the States are far away. However, the States have enough variety in my mind that you needn't even leave the country, if you are interested in the beauties of nature :)
Good article, thanks!

22.06.2008 17:53 Mikhail
Being Russian, who currently lives in Western Europe, it is indeed funny to hear remarks like "I HATE " every now and then from people who have never been to that place, and have only seen a couple of news commentaries. Leave alone the madness of the whole idea of hating the whole country... Isn't it clear that the correct name for such a statement is PREJUDICE, and it is not any better then to say "all niggas are bastards" (I don't think so.)?

Anyway, I digress. I've come here for the Motor IDE, but in the end found this article nice and entertaining. Thanx!

25.04.2008 07:08 elka
My family and I came here from Poland 45 yrs. ago, I was 10 and I didn't care for my new surroundings at first but as we settled in and I grew up and now as an adult I know this....I don't know one solitary American who has gotten on a boat, leaving his family, work, church, endangering his life all for a possibility to start a new life in either Europe, Mexico, China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. etc., but we hear every day about those people doing exactly that and then some to come to United States. Why??????? Because it's the best place on the face of this earth for people who love freedom and who just want an opportunity to work, worship, and raise a family without the government's intervention. My father is the epitome of what this country offers if you're willing to work hard. My father has no use for anyone who comes here, usurps our resources, abuses our system and has the audacity to dishonor this country. I couldn't agree with him more. Our doors are open, I wish all those disgruntled so-called "citizens" would either go back to where they came from or find a better country.

11.03.2008 02:33 Linda
I have traveled to many countries. All countries have their good points and bad. Most importantly they all have their cultural charm. So the idea is to enjoy that - as YoYoMa said today on NPR "This I Believe". I can understand your perceptions of the U.S. It is a visual perception from the outside primarily. Mostly correct as far as it goes. I question the "all or nothing" perception though. I saw plenty of dog poop in France, Italy, wherever. It is not a strictly U.S. phenomena!I try to avoid making absolute statements when possible!

24.08.2007 20:08 Kris D.
Knost, how I agree with you concerning your ideas about coming to America because it is supposedly better. I have grown up in Deutschland and immigrated here with my family at a young age. My parents still taught me the values of an European family and I savor the thoughts after watching my American friends live lives that I would not live. America does have it good points and also has some beautiful places to live but you have to know where they are for visitors rarely if ever see the suburban areas of the USA. OH YEA, I HATE RUSSIANS, I love my Ukrainian brothern.
Peace out and if you come back touch base with some of us in the greater NYC area and we will show you the real Americas.


25.05.2007 21:33 Olek
I hate russians too and im ukranian!!!!! russia-parasha

25.05.2007 21:32 Oleksandr
I hate russians too.!!!!!!!!!!!!

05.05.2007 14:47 Dee
First thing, you could have used a spell checker ok. I respect people in the open source a lot, there's nothing greater than giving something without expecting anything in return. I'm a Romanian living in US, and I can tell you I don't like Russians. I understand there are a lot of fine people in Russia no doubt about it. But still they kept half of Europe under comunism for half a century. Yet you find US not such a great country. What's so great about Russia, or Romania... Their only advantage is they have much more history than US.
konst: Chiar ca ai probleme, omule :)

24.02.2007 15:30 Michael M.
Fascinating and entertaining write-up about your trip to the U.S.! I came looking for information about Orpheus (someone is making a package for Debian), not expecting to read so much. I lived in Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino) many years ago, before it came to be called "Silicon Valley" -- back then there were still orchards dotting the area. And I lived in New York City for more than 20 years, until two years ago. (I live in Portland, Oregon, now.) So it was interesting for me to read your impressions of both places.

Neither San Francisco nor NYC are particularly dangerous -- in fact, NYC is one of the safest places in the U.S., with a very low crime rate. But it is funny that, like many Americans who visit there for the first time, you get the impression that it is dangerous. People who come from places where the wealthy and middle class are separated from the poor are often startled by cities like NYC and SF, where everyone from all economic stratas are jumbled up together. But that is one thing I really like about these cities, it is part of what gives them their energy and liveliness. For me, the saddest thing about the way NYC (especially Manhattan) is changing is that it becoming more economically segregated and homogenized. Times Square, for example, used to be so fascinating; now it is very corporate and very "Disney"-like. Tourist-friendly, but bland and boring.

By the way, another reason there are so many signs everywhere is because we have become a very litigious society. Everyone feels as if they must post signs and warnings to protect themselves from lawsuits, even when that threat is very remote. "Better safe than sorry," as the saying goes. Your hotel tells you not to leave valuables in the room because if you are robbed, they are afraid you will sue them. The big concern about underage drinking is mostly because we are so dependent upon our cars, and younger people are the most apt to drink and drive, with unfortunate consequences. You visited two cities that actually have decent public transportation, but that is not too common in the U.S., even in many large cities. It's very different from most European cities, which tend to have good public transport.

Hopefully, someday you will get to visit the truly special places here, like the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Glacier Natl. Park in Montana, the Bayou country of Louisiana and Alabama, Acadia & the Great Woods of Maine, and of course the Oregon coast. :-)

23.02.2007 03:55 walter
I'm actually at your site because i want to gain more information on centericq, my gaim is crashing.. :( anyway i loved your story regarding the visit to San Francisco and New York. I am an American, African-American and I think your experience was wonderful. It was nice to hear a european have a decent and unbias opinion of our country. Your story made me smile as I read about your visit to certain area's, they were both good and bad area's but its ok, you got a chance to see them both.. :) You are right about the ghetto, you can cross a street and end up there.. hehe .. however, if you want rich areas go to Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Anaheim Hills......if you want to see the "hood".. hehe ...go to Compton, Watts, East LA. Next time you visit, find a guide that nows how to be... well.... versatile so you can experience the inners of cali "california for short" . I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Now i have to get back to this site, because i'm thinking about emerging centericq.. :o)

25.01.2007 20:55 Nikki
i came here looking for your instant messenger client, and just happened to click to your main page. I live in Ohio in the US, intend to move to Los Angeles. Never been to Europe but I would love to. Anyway, nice write up on your trip to the US. Yes, we are probably less free than in Germany or certainly the Netherlands or Denmark I think. And the signs . . . . it's crazy.

and yeah I'm stoned as hell, but don't get caught, and then we enforce our drug policy on the world and try to have the moral high ground, with a coke-head president no less. whatever. Please just remember that not all of us are fuckwads, some of us are ok.

anyway, peace!!!


18.12.2006 07:26 Alan Heath
What a fantastic site. Very good. I came here because I was looking for information on Borobevi Hills in Moscow and I ended up spending a lot of time. I am going to come back later when I am not at work. Well done! Very interesting. Greetings from Poland!
Alan Heath

06.11.2006 19:40 Visitor
I found your comparative thesis a very interesting read. I can only assume some of the things you point out in the U.S., ie...Signs, are necessary because of the mixed culture. Many people, obviously, come from countries where people do shit on the grass. Hence the no shitting sign. Personally, even if it were permitted, I have a problem showing my arse in public, or even to anyone in private.

11.10.2006 17:13 Dmitri Kourbatsky
I like the story and the author's language.

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