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[01.09.01] terra incognita
[18.08.01] centericq 3.35.22
[30.07.01] the site is up
[10.07.01] new photos
[30.06.01] centericq 3.34.15
  [22.06.01] excellent thesis
[20.06.01] BS tomorrow
[05.06.01] new article
[15.05.01] upgrade
[15.05.01] releases
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23 Jan 2002 :: Finally I could allow myself to get home right after work. Recently the amount of various parties increased dramatically... [ more.. ]

23 Dec 2001 :: As an attentive and frequent visitor could notice, the site design has been changed a little bit. Instead of three years old portraits of mine, now in the upper right corner you can see various gothic graves and monuments. Well, why not? Memento mori.... [ more.. ]

14 Jun 2002 :: Finally I got the latest creation of "Nightwish" - one of my favourite rock-bands. The album was called "Century Child". Before one of my colleagues downloaded it via audiogalaxy, I could only look at the announcement at their site and eyeing hunglily. I like all of their works... [ more.. ]

centericq 3.34.15
12.09.2001 17:24 Alexey Tikhomirov
У меня только один вопрос... А именно, почему оно не хочет нормально через SSH работать? Eng: Why does it make trash onscreen when over SSH/Telnet?

14.08.2001 19:21 Toptrade
i need RICQ SERVER! please send me

12.08.2001 05:49
one more question. what shall i do if i use proxy SOCKS5? is it enough just put the number of my proxy's ip&&port address over there(SOCKS proxy settings)? i tried some times, it didn't work. i use RedHat7.1, modem. any environment variables should be set? it's urgent !! help me !! i WANT TO CHAT NOW !! :) ;) :D :-) :-D ^-^ o^-^o thanx a million.

12.08.2001 05:26 JJArmy
hi, nice program !! i'm a chinese undergraduate. i much prefer this text based interface. cuz i think gnome is somewhat unstable and slow except for its colorful&&vivid features. i ever tried licq(with text mode plugin) before, that was really a piece of junk. my screen would get messed up bit by bit until i quit then restarted it. i think CenterICQ is the best choice especially for guys that are fond of text based programs. okay, i have a question then, i find it cannot filter the users who's not online. i have to select the chatter and then check his info and status one by one. just give me a message first: Online chatters only?(Y/N)_ when i'm tring to search the online chatters. thank you, thank you for your outstanding work. my mail:

08.08.2001 17:57

05.08.2001 06:11 Sam
Wonderful program! I really appreciate all the work you have gone to.

31.07.2001 09:34 konst
hey, mox, I do accept patches. so you're welcome to implement it yourself if you need it that much. besides, the same is written in the faq.

30.07.2001 20:01 mox
It would be good to be able to do ICQ Chat with centericq, I think it's the only missing thing. Thanks for the good icq client. -mox

16.07.2001 18:47 Slava
Nice proggy, thanx a lot :-)

10.07.2001 06:43 miel
Thanx so much for creating centericq. I'll make much use of it:)

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