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[01.09.01] terra incognita
[18.08.01] centericq 3.35.22
[30.07.01] the site is up
[10.07.01] new photos
[30.06.01] centericq 3.34.15
  [22.06.01] excellent thesis
[20.06.01] BS tomorrow
[05.06.01] new article
[15.05.01] upgrade
[15.05.01] releases
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02 Aug 2002 :: I'm frequently asked "What is it like there in Romania?", "Anything interesting over there?", etc... [ more.. ]

28 Aug 2002 :: Finally, here in my hands there is the latest album of the "Voltaj" band. Remember the one concert of which we visited at the Black Sea? The album is called "424" and as far as I understand its name represents how many days passed since the preivous CD was released. Whatever... [ more.. ]

12 Mar 2002 :: Being a real maniac programmer I wrote CGIs for the site's news system in C++. Sure, not the best way to accomplish such a task with, and I would prefer perl. But unfortunatelly, the latter lacks such a great instrument like the parser library written by one of my ex-colleagues at NIX Solutions... [ more.. ]

centericq 3.34.15
12.09.2001 17:24 Alexey Tikhomirov
У меня только один вопрос... А именно, почему оно не хочет нормально через SSH работать? Eng: Why does it make trash onscreen when over SSH/Telnet?

14.08.2001 19:21 Toptrade
i need RICQ SERVER! please send me

12.08.2001 05:49
one more question. what shall i do if i use proxy SOCKS5? is it enough just put the number of my proxy's ip&&port address over there(SOCKS proxy settings)? i tried some times, it didn't work. i use RedHat7.1, modem. any environment variables should be set? it's urgent !! help me !! i WANT TO CHAT NOW !! :) ;) :D :-) :-D ^-^ o^-^o thanx a million.

12.08.2001 05:26 JJArmy
hi, nice program !! i'm a chinese undergraduate. i much prefer this text based interface. cuz i think gnome is somewhat unstable and slow except for its colorful&&vivid features. i ever tried licq(with text mode plugin) before, that was really a piece of junk. my screen would get messed up bit by bit until i quit then restarted it. i think CenterICQ is the best choice especially for guys that are fond of text based programs. okay, i have a question then, i find it cannot filter the users who's not online. i have to select the chatter and then check his info and status one by one. just give me a message first: Online chatters only?(Y/N)_ when i'm tring to search the online chatters. thank you, thank you for your outstanding work. my mail:

08.08.2001 17:57

05.08.2001 06:11 Sam
Wonderful program! I really appreciate all the work you have gone to.

31.07.2001 09:34 konst
hey, mox, I do accept patches. so you're welcome to implement it yourself if you need it that much. besides, the same is written in the faq.

30.07.2001 20:01 mox
It would be good to be able to do ICQ Chat with centericq, I think it's the only missing thing. Thanks for the good icq client. -mox

16.07.2001 18:47 Slava
Nice proggy, thanx a lot :-)

10.07.2001 06:43 miel
Thanx so much for creating centericq. I'll make much use of it:)

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