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[29.09.01] saturday morning
[26.09.01] great event
[18.09.01] low activity
[18.09.01] new article
[18.09.01] I am here
  [06.09.01] departing today
[01.09.01] terra incognita
[18.08.01] centericq 3.35.22
[30.07.01] the site is up
[10.07.01] new photos
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04 Apr 2002 :: Well, there are some news for today. Let's start with centericq. Today is the third day since the IRC protocol support implementation started. And there is a visible progress. The CVS repository contains the changes that can be easily checked out with the cicqsync script... [ more.. ]

06 Sep 2002 :: The last summer was marked with a serious desolation of the Internet. A whole bunch of sites with self-educational aims visited from time to time by an average Russian-speaking surfer like me stood still without updates... [ more.. ]

18 Jun 2003 :: Hope you can imagine what a night club in a small city means. "Old times" here is one of 5 decent places. By decent I mean no "manele" (aka gipsy pop) music, and its listeners -- guys dressed in jumpsuits. They rarely are likely to hurt you, but the music is quite awful. That's the reason... [ more.. ]

I am here
03.10.2001 10:32
Perhaps you should put a few digital photos up on the site so we can all see what you mean...!

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