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[12.10.01] limba romana
[07.10.01] centericq 4.0.0
[07.10.01] another day..
[29.09.01] saturday morning
[26.09.01] great event
  [18.09.01] low activity
[18.09.01] new article
[18.09.01] I am here
[06.09.01] departing today
[01.09.01] terra incognita
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16 Jul 2003 :: Not so long ago whole the media space of Romania was filled with various debates on the bilateral treaty with Russia, which was singed on July the 4th. A significant event. Numerous analysts were making their judgements whether it was good or bad... [ more.. ]

24 Nov 2003 :: Since the moment I started working on centericq, I made a lot of friends exactly because of this very program. With the majority of them we have never met in the real life, because they live rather far away from here and their geography sometimes is very varied... [ more.. ]

28 Oct 2001 :: While the summer along with the autumn goes away and it's getting colder, every kind of activities slows down. Adding news to sites is not an exception. Romanians still haven't turned heating in my block on (batteries are just a little warm right now), so I write this with rather cold fingers... [ more.. ]

great event

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