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[27.12.01] the trip report
[23.12.01] web design
[03.12.01] ziua nationala
[03.12.01] bowl
[18.11.01] gas saw howto
  [12.11.01] mail and icq
[07.11.01] new mailing list
[05.11.01] just latest stuff
[28.10.01] hate winter
[20.10.01] mimicry
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21 Mar 2003 :: However, all of these news are just a loss of time. There are several news agencies that distribute short texts describing the last events. After that others duplicate them and smaller mass media make the texts bigger by adding their own comments and writing analysis... [ more.. ]

03 Jan 2003 :: On the other hand, the experience of other developers, and first of all those of ICQ, whose protocol number has already reached 8, demonstrates that as the process of developing and features adding goes, there is a need to transfer a lot of various information... [ more.. ]

04 Apr 2002 :: Well, there are some news for today. Let's start with centericq. Today is the third day since the IRC protocol support implementation started. And there is a visible progress. The CVS repository contains the changes that can be easily checked out with the cicqsync script... [ more.. ]

gas saw howto

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