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[28.10.01] hate winter
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20 Dec 2003 :: I was walking with a friend of mine and she remembered she wanted to buy her mom a cream as a gift for the New Year. So there also was a pharmacy nearby. We went in, chose and stood in the queue. There were several people in front of us... [ more.. ]

24 Mar 2003 :: Despite obvious attempts of Kiev to take over the first role in education, science and business, Kharkov is continuing to develop. The beauty of the streets of my city inspired me to a short walk through them with a digital camera which resulted into the album you can see here... [ more.. ]

03 Jun 2004 :: Recently more and more often I meet people who regret the times of Ceausescu's rule. My fellow traveller remembered the words of the dictator's son Nicu who addressed the new leaders after his parents were shot. He said "You won't be able even to paint in time what my father built"... [ more.. ]


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