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26 Oct 2003 :: You decided to found a cell of "Al-Quaeda" in your city, but don't know how to organize the funding? Your faithful sponspors are vainly looking for a reliable way to send you money? Do you want to receive funds for Jihad through your web site in online mode? These and other questions I'll try to ans.. [ more.. ]

28 Aug 2002 :: Finally, here in my hands there is the latest album of the "Voltaj" band. Remember the one concert of which we visited at the Black Sea? The album is called "424" and as far as I understand its name represents how many days passed since the preivous CD was released. Whatever... [ more.. ]

21 Mar 2003 :: Salam's site is probably the best illustration for what I said in the article. I really admire him for what he's doing. As to the war itself, now we can only watch how it goes. Time will show if its course is like this really clever and sometimes funny flash movie used to say... [ more.. ]


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