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Motor is a text mode based programming environment for Linux. It consists of a powerful editor with syntax highlight feature, project manager, makefile generator, gcc and gdb front-end, etc. Deep CVS integration is also provided.

With this release of motor you can organize your project files (sources, headers, libraries), edit, compile and debug your programs without need to leave the IDE and run any other programs, automatically check in/out updated project files from/to your CVS repositories and import projects into them. Also it can generate distribution packages of projects. The latest version of motor is 3.4.0.

Distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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Make sure you have read the donations and support policy.

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  • Motor is one of the best things I've ever seen. However, it would be nice if it would not segfault when loading a template in ArchLinux (64-Bit). It is, however, one of the only CLI based IDEs I'd ever use.
    -- Mr. K

  • Release 3.4.0 from 12 Feb 2005
  • Nightly CVS extractions
    • You can have an up-to-date version of motor from the anonymous CVS. There is a script included into the distribution named cicqsync, with help of which you can do checkout and updates.

  • ChangeLog
    The GNU License

    There is a mailing list for motor. Click here to subscribe. Its on-line archives can be found here.


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