The very downtown of Galati.

Dunarea (Danube) hotel where I stayed over the weekend.

Danube embankment with cafes.

Monument of Bratianu, a famous Romanian politician.


A window in a building being repaired.

Galati state university.

Monument of the she-wolf who raised the founders of Rome. Behind it you can see a inflatable dog.

She-wolf and a dog.

So-called free zone. It's a district of the city being actively supported by the local authorities. This means the real estate is cheap, and also if you start a company with a residence there, they give you some tax discounts. Having in mind the current shape of the district, no wonder such measures are taken.

One more shot of the free zone.

Strada Banului - Money street. In fact, besides "money" ban can also mean an old aristocratic title. So it's quite a ambiguous name.

Monument of the Romanian soldiers who died in the 1st World War. Quite a well-nourished guy :)

The soldier.

A museum of the monarch called Alexandru Ion Cuza.


Bust of Alexandru Cuza.

A green lawn near the museum. A nice one.

Invitation to the wedding.

The second day after the wedding. Already married Mishoo and Konst, still bachelor ;)