The main alley of Shevchenko garden.

Freedom square. Europe's biggest square, 2nd place in the world.

The square.

Reparied front of the Gosprom building. A nice postcard-like photo.

Gosprom with anniversary greetings banner.


Another view.

Monument of the city founders. Actually, it's Harko cossack. The legend says he was the one who founded Kharkov. Monument by Zurab Tsereteli.


Sumskaya street. A smart worker guy having rest. He's got a banner near him which says "Alexander. Want to get married". Dear ladies, if you like Alexander, please tell him (and the other girls) about the internet resource you came from.

Alley in Gorky park.


A repaired building opposite to Shevchenko monument.

Fragment of the monument. Need to mention, our Shevchenko was the winner of the all-USSR competition of Shevchenko monuments that took place in 30s.

One of my favourite place, the Kaskad. I remember it from the early childhood. Unfortunatelly, till then about 15 years it didn't function, being almost destroyed. However, a couple of days before the festivities it was reparied and the water started to flow there again.

Kaskad is being prepaired to the launch.

First streams of water.

Workers are cleaning out rests of beton out the Kaskad's stairs.


Water-cleaning Kaskad before the launch.

Kaskad's launch preparations.

One of Kharkov football teams. Here you can also see the "Aquarena" sports complex where Yana Klotchkova used to train.

Bursatsky spusk (slope).

New shop on Puskinskaya. Its name in Russian says "The leather island". Now see the English translation on the right.

Monument of Kharkov's first governer, Evdokin Scherbinin. Not opened yet.


Lenin avenue, repaired street next to the new "Botaniac garden" metro station.

Eggs, metro "Nauchnaya" area.

Road-transport college.