Repaired Kaskad, which gained back life and water on this city's birthday.

Girls with the flag, posing for a picture on Kaskad.

One of the two new metro stations - "Botanical garden".


"Botanical garden" metro station.

Kharkovites taking pictures of the entrance of the new metro station.

Repaired Lenin avenue near the hotel "Mir".

Kaskad on the 23rd, the city's day.

Start of the fireworks: the emblem of the city is being set on fire.








To the middle of the fireworks because of the humidity the sky above the square was covered with smoke.

Gold fountains.

And again.

In the sky.


Keep on shooting.

The last one.

Area of the new "23rd August" metro station.

A new elite house being built.

A park on Beketova, the In Love statue.

Statue of the dead policemen in the park on Sovnarkomovskaya.

Regional SBU (secret service) office.

A new monument. Patron Alchevsky. Park of the Mirror Stream.


A plate under the statue.

Alley in the Mirror stream park.

A member of the Komsomol statue.

The Mirror Stream, a view from the pool placed behind it.


Pool, a willow and the Stream.

The Mirror Stream.

The visit card of the city. In the summer.

A memorial plate of Dzerzhinsky on the regional SBU authority.

Sumskaya str. and the Shevchenko statue.

Statue of Scherbinin, the first governer of the Slobodskaya Ukraina. At its opening a show was performed. There were Ekaterina II and other historical figures.

Liberty square.

The Liberty square viewed from the park.

Karazin, the founder of the Kharkov State University. The status was moved, so that now it is placed next to the main entrance.

Univerity, the main entrance.

KhSU building.


Monument of the students divisions of the WW2.


Only the front of the Gosprom building is painted nicely.

Windows and passages of the Gosprom.

Monument of founders fathers of Kharkov.

Photo for documents. Artistic one :)

People greeting the president who came for the city day festivities. They obliged students, pupils and such. Those who they could find before the school year began. Yep, that is still practiced.

People on Sumskaya str.

Grateful people.


Waiting the president to come.

Schevchenko monument. A nice postcard-like pic.

One more monument in Schevchenko gardens. Archangel Michael, the patron saint of the city of Kiev. A gift from Kiev.

Coming closed to the renewed Cascade.

Look, there is already water flowing in the top of it. How nice.

The Cascade.

Water stairs.

A fountain in the bottom.

That's how it must look like. The real Cascade!