Kharkov, just like any city in Ukraine nowdays, is full of electoral ads, posters, and such. There is no wonder, the elections will take place on the 31st October. However, there is another thing that can surprize you. Despite there are more than 20 candidates registered, there is only one whose posters you can see everywhere. That's Victor Yanukovich, who candidates on behalf of the current state power. His smiling portraits can be found not only in government institutions, but also in many private shops in other businesses. I doubt they were put on everyone's free will.

One more.

These ads are also pro-Yanukovich. Their design and layout is 100% the same as those with portraits.

Pharmaceutical Yanukovich.

The very downtown of Kharkov.

Here it says "Kharkov supports Yanukovich". Noone would probably guess without such a suggestion.

A poster with small horns.

Dubas' shop does also support the Yanukovich guy.

This furniture shop has the same political preferences.

Because Yanukovich. This poster is in Russian. When elections come, the candidates remember about the mother tongue of the majority of citizens from the Eastern megapolis.