Borispol, the main airport of the country. Statue in honour of some anniversary of opening the runway.

A flower-bed in front of the airport, a view from the room upstairs.


Turkey from the air. Mountains.


Airplane's engine.

Turkey, the shore of the Mediterranean sea.

Turkish sea-side.

The shore.

Turkey comes to end.

Turkey is over.

Here Egypt begins. Mediterranean sea-side.

Egypt is down there.

The end of the oasis next to the sea. Here the desert begins.



Egypt: channels and roads.

Some more.

This image is interesting, because if you take a closer look at it, you'll be able to see the Pyramids. They are just next to the small shining pool. The river in the bottom is the Nile.

Runway of the airport of Hurghada.

The departure awaiting hall in Hurghada airport. Despite it says "Internet", there are only a paid phone and toilets. No network.

Ceiling in one of the rooms. It's made out of cloth. There is also a stick holding it.

The waiting room, shops.


Ukrainian Boeing-767 in Egypt.


Sunset throug the bull's eye.

The Sun going down at the airplane's wing.