Mariott hotel in Bucharest: stairs. On the 29th I was here on a conference organized by Ericsson.

An interior decoration of the hotel.

A part of the technology being presented by this guy is called "HUI: H-OSA User Interaction". In Russian "hui" means "dick".


The famous communist heroes monument in Carol park. Currently there is a discussion if it should be demolished so that the Orthodox Church could build a temple on its place.

In the same park, on the way to the communists monument, there is the Unknown soldier burrial place of the times of WWI.

On the Soldier's grave there is an ethernal flame and two guards.

The communists monument and stairs towards it.

The monument itself. I remained a little disappointed. It had no stars neither it had hammers or sickles.

Picture #10

Rays of Sun through the clouds. I like such things.

Building on str. Regina Elisabeta.



Ethernal flame.