The Alps from the plane.

The Alps.

Mountains below.

Sunset seen in the bull-eye of a plane belonging to the dba company, flying from Munich to Berlin.

Munich-Berlin: sunset.

Church in Eastern Berlin.

Strange street-cleaning machine.

Street in the downtown.


The TV tower, the symbol of the former DDR.

Downtown of the Eastern part of Berlin looks in quite a style of the Soviet block countries. It reminded me of Bucharest.

The Tower.

The town council (Rathaus) building on Alexanderplatz.

Town council.

The town council and the square.

Fountain on Alexanderplatz.

Fountain with Neptun.

The TV tower and a church being repaired.


The DDR government building. Built not so long time ago it's almost destroyed now.

Spree river.

Berlin Luteran cathedral.

The DDR government building and a memorial plate of communists who fought against fascism. Despite Germany suffered quite a lot of communism, there are still many streets in Berlin named after Rosa Luxembourg, Marx and others.

The Cathedral.

Chimera at the entrance of Pergamonmuseum.

Exposition taking place in Pergamonmuseum, called Faces of the East.

One of the metro stations.


The Brandenburg Gate.

Clouds. A view out of the plane on the way back.

Plane shadow on the clouds. I wonder why it looks like taken into a rainbow-coloured circle.

Departing from Berlin.