Mountain river.

A niche in the mountain where the queen Maria's heart is held, according to her will.

Here you can see a box of stone.

This plate says "Here in 1940 was put queen Maria's heart".

Cross near the queen's heart.

The Bran castle, a not finished poor people's house and a bag with the American flag on it.

Mimicking the <a href="">masters</a> :)

View from the hill that we climbed to have some beer on it.

Mountain, river and the village.

Landscape through the branches.

Houses and mountains.

Houses and high mountains far away.

Bran village and the road going through the whole locality.

Peaks on the mountain.


House, river and mountains.

Parting of the ways.

A view from the mountain.

A tree on the mountain's top.

A hip.

Macro: flora.

Mountains' tops.

Fly on the flower.


One of the top nearby.


A pound in one of the private pensions.

General's monument from the back.

Monument of general Traian Mosoiu.