On arrival we saw a small railway-station with quite a provincial touch.

Tarnava Mare river flowing through the whole on-valley part of the town.

On the second day the weather got worse. That is how the castle on the hill looked like. You can also see top of a church.

Buildings on the hill.

Local Romanian Orthodox Cathedral.

The clock-tower, view from the on-valley part.


Political-ad tent "DA" in front of the "Steaua" (the star) hotel.

A boy with angry face pissing on a pig.


Tarnava Mare embankment.

Streets of the town and a castle on the hill.


Side street.

Restaurant named "Perla" (pearl) and a very inspired sign.

Beginning of the way climbing up to the castle.


A building belonging to the railway-station being renewed. Bottles in the window.

A very real old steam locomotive.

Steam locomotive on the pedestal next to the station.

An old locomotive.