Because of the neo-nazis (NPD party) demonstration the traffic through the Berlin's downtown was blocked. There was only one direction people could leave the Alexanderplatz subway station, which led them around the downtown.

Police cordons under the bridge between Alexanderplatz and Friedrichstrasse.

Jolly policemen. At another cordon we heard a policeman telling to a woman next to him that he was not in a good mood, beacause someone of the numerous anti-fascists threw a stone in him.

Policewoman. Generallty there seem to be a lot of women in the police.

Special machinery for crowd dispersal.

Police is explaining to the gapers.

Policeman with a police dog.

Just a nice look onto the museum island and the TV tower.

The Friedrichstrasse bridge. Here the anti-fascists attacked the police saying "what kind of people selection is that? you are fascists".

Left-winged yoth smoking joint next to a police cordon.

Police car on the bridge above Spree next to Reichstag.

Friedrichstrasse. The inscription on the banner sasys "ban for all fascist organizations". In the bottom there is an acronym for the name of the local Marxist-Leninist party.

Dark sky and sun-lighted buildings. There have been weird and nice things happening to the sky during the recent days.