Zaporozhye's famous Lenin avenue. Extending along the Dniepr river, it is one of the longest streets in Europe. It's over 11 km long.

Fountains on Mayakovsky square.


Cascade down the rainbow.


"We'll create our world" the inscription says.

Dniepr, the central city beach. As my friends from Zaporozhye say, the former name of the beach is Zhdanovsky.

Sunset on Dniepr (Dnipro).

Picture #9

"Rare bird can reach the middle of Dniepr", the classical literature says. This one could.



Fishers: it bites!

On the Dniepr shore there is a restaurant made in a pirate style. This guy is walking between tables saluting newly came visitors. He also announces various shows such as shots from a pirate cannon that they do every evening.


A block with one of the entrances unfinished. People closed the windows with bricks theirselves so that it's warmer in the block.



Elevator. Also unfinished.

An old woman on a ad lib vegetable garden in front of a living block.

Ventilation pipes of private cellarage.

Glass buying point on the street. When the lady who runs the business saw my photo camera she asked if I was from the television. Then she didn't want to be in the shot anyway. Probably I should have answered "yes" to her question :)

Football field.

Almost the "Night watch" movie. Gorsvet.

Rocky shores of Dniepr and high-voltage lines.


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Picture #28

Preobrazhensky bridge connecting the city of Zaporozhye with the Hortitsa island.

Preobrazhensky bridge over the Old Dniepr.

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Natural reservation: restriction list.

Picture #37

Fence around the former Zaporozhskaya Sech.

Picture #39

DnieproGES hydroelectric power station: a great monument to the Soviet industraialisation.

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Picture #43

An ancient stone image, barrow and a cross. Zaporozhye Cossack museum.

A cannon of the Sech times. I wondered why noone stole the cannons, but then realized it quickly, only having tried to raise it.

Cannon and DnieproGES.

Picture #47

The cross on the barrow on the Cossack museum territory on Hortitsa island.

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Picture #52

Quote from one of Taras Shevchenko's books.

Monument of history.

Stone image.

Monument of nature, also.