Kontraktova square.

Kontraktova square: a status of getman Sagaydachny. Behind the getman there is the new Orange revolution monument. I was very surprized to see it. That's the regular way: one installs a monument before bringing any major improvements to the life of the country. It simply wouldn't work without a monument. That's a kind of tradition already.

Petro Sagaydachny.

The upper part of the last revoution monument. The three flags are: the EU, "Yuschenko TAK!" and that of Ukraine.

Some street open-air show. Pop-dance contest or something like that. Mainly very young girls were dancing, shaking their not completely grown nicer parts.

One of the contestors.

Another one. The music playing in the background is "Kishka" (Cat) by Okean Elzy.


Pedestrian crossing.

Near there, also in the Kontraktova square area: old woman asking for money for the food for her dogs.

Andreevsky slope (spusk, uzviz) is a gathering of hippy artists. There is an inscription under the fur saying: "To the winner of the all-USSR socialist competition in 1988".

Andreevsky cathedral. The banner underneath is an ad for a place where icones are sold. So it's almost an ad photo.

Andreevsky cathedral.

Once more time the cathedral. The dome.

Old and rough paved street on Andreevsky slope.

Free musicians with a gramophone.

A view from the hill where the historical museum and the fountament of the Desyatinnaya church was located.

Picture #18

Hippy youth having rest.

Picture #20

Picture #21


Incredible swinishness. Very corrupt Ukrainian customs officials made theirselves a monument. There is a Cossack standing on the horse bareback.


A very nice poster in one of the Kiev yards.


The same yard: a cage with ravens. The rumous say the ravens belonged to a criminal known as Kisel. He's dead now, but his totem animals are still there.

Raven. Responds to "Karlusha".

Picture #29

Bogdan Khmelnitsky street, near the "Teatralnaya" metro station.

Underground passage.

Lesya Ukrainka street. New blocks in the sunset.

Samsung. Sunset. Lesya Ukrainka street.

Sunset. Samsung.