Rangers guarding the live8 concert.

Female ranger.

Those interested know that this Saturday we had one of the live8 concerts. The others took place the same day in London, Moscow, Tokyo and other major cities and villages. The event was indended to eliminate the starving in Africa. Of the starvation in Africa, I didn't really get it.

The concert was for free, but they were collecting votes claiming that the G8 countries forgive the debts of the African countries. We all know that the nice dictator guys there are putting the money in their pockets anyway, so they would really appreciate that move of G8. Besides that, the musicians involved made a good ad for themselves, so everyone was happy, expect for those starving in Africa, who again didn't get neither bread nor circuses. It looked like the circuses were only for those children who ate well.

Crowds of youngsters in the park.

Park, youth and the statue of Siegessaeule behind the trees in the top.

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