An Eminescu bust on the territory of the "Trei ierarhi" church. In spite that the name that sounds very similar to Eminem he wasn't a rap singer, but a famous Romanian poet.

Eminescu, a profil view

A piece of the "Trei ierarchi" church


The bell, a closer look. Here we can see an inscription in Cyrillic, and it's not surprising, since the first text in Romanian was written with the Cyrillic letters and had been used for quite a long time since then

Metropolia - the main church of the region

Metropolia - the main church of the region, entrance

Metropolia: cupolas

Such an element can be seen in the backyard of the church. A clean Satan, but at the other hand a very cute one

The Satan, view from a distance

Near the gray goat's muzzle there is a white one

The White Satan, a view from a distance

The stairs and the entrance to the church