Picture #1

The "Intourist" hotel, where yours truly stayed for the second time while visiting the great city. Inside the hotel one can find European prices and the authentic Soviet colouring of the 80s, including a "Beryozka" TV-set, a "Dniepr" radio set and a single hair-drier on the whole floor available on request.

The "golden yoth" at the Zaporozye-1 railway station.


From here one can take a boat trip along the Dniepr river.


Embankment and some brutal industry.

Picture #8

Mooring hook.

Brutal industry: port cranes.


Picture #12

Dog in the fountain looks similar to the Ancient Egyptian Anubis idol.

Park entrance.


Fence with political slogans.

Chekist (security service officer) street.

Picture #18

Zaporozhye on-line: You've got mail.

The iron Felix.

Inscription on Dzerzhinsky monument: You are our idol.

Memorial place with an ethernal fire, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the 1917 revolution.

Picture #23

Zaporozhye national university building.