Policemen in front of the German Chancellor's office. That day there was the open doors day. I forgot my bike-locker at home and couldn't leave the bike to see the office from inside.

Tree on the lawn in front of the Reichstag.

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Picture #4

The Oberbaumbruecke bridge near Treptower Park. On the ad there is a Turkish deputee from the governing SPD party.

There are subway rails on the bridge. At that very moment a train was passing the bridge.

The House of the World Cultures. They also use to call the building "the smile of Jimmy Carter" and "pregnant oyster". Depends on your preferences.

Lawn in front of the House of the World Cultures.

Intersection between Scheidemannstr and Yitzhak-Rabin-str, and indicator to Reichstag and the building itself in the distance.

Equestrian statue in Tierpark.

Female statue in the Rose garden, which is in Tierpark.

Old women in the Rose garden.

Siegessauele. The column on Strasse des 17. Juni, built in honour of Prussian victories.

Street indicator.

Center of the West part of Berlin. Street indicator and the Kaiser-Wilheim-II-Kirche church.

Stone installation on Budapester str.

One of the streets in the West Berlin.

Entrance to the subway station Wittenbergplatz. There is a plate with a list of the concentration camps. The inscription says: "Places of horror, which we have no right to forget".

Fountain on Wittenbergplatz.

Metal bathers.

Picture #21

A guy washing his butt.

Bundeskanzlerei, a fence of a construction spot and a sunset.

Excavator by the Reichstag.

Russian embassy on Unter den Linden str.

Beut monument.

Berlin Dome.

Palast der Republik.

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