Let's start with windows. Danish windows are different from those in other countries. They are opened outside, and are equipped with a whole set of different hooks.

An interesting installation, which I saw on someone's balcony. It's a menora and Jack O'Lantern.

A fire-cock and a pumpkin.

Trains in Copenhagen's subway are controlled from the central console, there are no drivers. Since there is no driver's cabin, one can look directly into the tunnel.


Faul, teaching a boy to play fleut.

One of the numerous bicycles.


Approaching the square where the guards change.

Picture #10


A lion on a handle.

Yard with vine.

Roees and autumn leaves.


Arts museum.

Status of a singing valkyrie.

Picture #18

Picture #19

Benches in a park.

No bikes on the grass.

Somewhere in the park near the Danish aquarium.

Sole autumn bench.

Picture #24


Picture #26

One more bench.

Park alley.