The celebration on the square is finishing. Unfortunatelly, I didn't manage to catch its start, thus only this dance of the patriotic youth got shot.

Dances with the flag.

The patriotical joy.

Children with a flag.

Had been wanting to shot this for a while. This is a block where it was initially planned to make balconies, but then it was canceled. Here you can see the result :)

A fountain with boys peeing.


The monument of the Eminescu's poetry.

Lion is a very dangerous creature.

Lion: a profile view.

Eminescu park. The chain around the monument.


The corner of the monument. Chain.


A modest life of gipsies. Sorry, the rrom minority.

The menu in a Chinese restaurant. The following picture will show an interesting way to translate some of its items.

Here. The testicles soup.