Square where the palaces are located.

Christian IX palace.

Guard booth.

Guardian in the traditional uniform.

Guardian walking up and down in front of the building.

Frederick's equestrian statue.

Before the guards exchange ceremony policemen arrange the tourist crowd next to the statue, so that they let the soliders march.

Toursts who walked at the Fredericks church hurry to see the beginning of the ceremony.

Previous relief is gathering.

Replacement guards are coming from the Frederick's church direction.

Photographed by tourists from all around guards are coming.


Some of the guardians wear their hats so low, that they can hardly see.

The two groups meet to pass the watch over.

Tourists and a policeman, taking care of the order during the ceremony.

After the watch is passed, the old group leaves.

New group arranging.

Tourists, police.

A part of the soldiers are marching towards another palace, to guard it during their watch.



Tourist: damn, the film is over!

Excited tourists are running with cameras after the marching soliders.